Eagles, Foundation At 4, Here are Testimonies Shared.

Testimony 1 – I feel so honored and proud to be associated a youth-dominated organization that is not only contributing her own quota to the society but also instilling the spirit of giving, volunteering and showing love; in her members and sensitizing the society on the need to be kind without any reason😊

I want to thank God almighty for the opportunity he’s given me to meet beautiful and wonderful personalities through EFFH….You guyz have been amazing😘It’s a pleasure to call you guyz family! In addition, I’ll like to Thank God for His immeasurable blessings on EFFH, God has really been smilling on us since inception, May He continue to guide and bless EFFH🙏





Testimony 2- Inspite of the myriads of challenges, we have remained steadfast and resilient in contributing positively to community development.

I’m proud to have met these set of great and creative minds from different school of thoughts through this platform.I pray for God’s blessings  and wisdom for us all.  I remember in 2016, during a chit chat with the CEO LegalEagle ⁩ , I asked her where she would like to see EFFH in years to come. She said she dreams to see the foundation among the top tiers, she mentioned organizations like Bill and Melinda Gates, MacFound among others. Although we are not there yet, EFFH has grown through the support, dedication of her members. Soonest, we will not only be involved directly in community developments but we ll be giving grants to others who share our goals.

I will implore us as a team to prioritize self development. The calibre and status of members associated with any organization determines public perception and reputation. Let’s do more to create opportunities, support one another, become more dedicated  and above all spread love.

Once again, congratulations to EFFH. More wins.

Ishola Kayode


Testimony 3- I’m happy I joined in the formation of this great foundation. I’m even more happy that I’m still here in its fourth year. So many have departed as the years went by, but we’re still here keeping it strongfor God and humanity.

I love you all.

Hassan Faruq (Legal Parrot)