Harmony for Humanity 2015

Echoes of the New Sound
Our bags of rice are probably exhausted by now, time to take a flashback… The music was loud for all but it seems it was meant for only her. She swayed effortlessly to the rhythms. Perspiration trickling down profusely, travelling through the various wrinkles of old age.  Determined to outshine the youngsters, she brought to the scene energy never before seen. Roughly the same age, she would comfortably compete with and perhaps outshine King Sunny Ade.
Bemused, I started looking for answers. My questions were numerous. Is she a professional dancer? Does she practice regularly? When last did she put up such a wonderful show? ‘Mama Agba’, a name I picked up from the whispers of the kids who were also wondering where she got the energy from. Not satisfied by their answers, I decided to take the bull by the horn. ‘Mama, you have succeeded in knocking our backs to the ground’  I said, trying hard to make my Yoruba unadulterated. ‘My son, today I’m very happy because you have also knocked their backs to the ground’ ‘Their backs? Who?’ My confused mind wandered. ‘You see, the last time I danced so energetically was during the campaigns leading to the 2015 general elections. They spoke English to one another like you. They brought bigger speakers and made a lot of noise. I’ve seen a lot of their type. But they promised real Change this time around. Told us to come out en masse on both days of the election and vote for the Change man in all categories. Alas, like the others, the hope they brought was a mirage. They promised to come back to celebrate fulfilled promises, they always promise. Elections are gone, they are nowhere to be found. And here you are My son, youths, with no immediate requests, putting a smile on our faces. So you see, you are the ones that have knocked their backs to the ground’
Mama’s narration in Yoruba got me speechless.
She literally unfolded the status quo, motive and aim of our organisation and the project Harmony for Humanity. Youths eager to make the world a better place despite a lot of constraints and the shameful impunity of the older generation.
Therefore, in Harmony for Humanity we see a new sound. A sound anchored by Youths to call the government to action. Youths who have deemed it fit to ask questions and also seek solutions. Questions like why should the capital be a nirvana while surrounding communities remain sheols. A step further from hashtagging words to hashtagging actions.
The new sound reminds one of the proverbial ‘agidigbo’, only the wise can dance to its rhythm, and none but the intellectually sound can decipher the meaning. Regardless, all must listen as it rolls out ageless wisdom echoing through space and time. Heed to the sound we must, for he who the gods will destroy, they first make deaf.
#CHARITY – #regrann