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The overall objective of the 2019 project is to use education as a tool for fighting abject poverty by imbibing a better reading culture among secondary school students and providing safer learning environment for the students. The specific objectives of the project are to initiate the community to advocate for support and education of students, to create awareness and increase demand for quality education through mentorship and orientation .
Major activities to be carried out are donation of relevant study materials and establishment of a cross-school book club. Periodic organization of competitions among students and rewarding both parents, teachers and students. Facilitating conducive study environment
through renovation and or construction of classroom blocks. Execution of project is December 2019. The direct beneficiaries of this project are students in northern Nigeria, where as the indirect beneficiaries are their families.
Eagles Foundation for Humanity is a youth based non-governmental organization based in Nigeria. The organization was established in 2015. Genuine service to God and Humanity is the profound goal EFFH stands for. Since its establishment , EFFH has carried out several activities in education, health, capacity building and other sectors. The following are major
past achievements. Education: Activities executed are:
1. Donation of about two hundred and fifty (250) books to Ansarul Islam Secondary Schools and GSS Ilorin, Kwara State. (2016)
2. Donation of stationeries and educational materials for children in Omilende, Budo ARe, Igbonla, Saaki, Alalubose, Yerigi communities in Kwara State. (2015 &2016)
Health: Activities executed are:
3. Construction of borehole to end the twenty-eight (28) years dreams of Omilende Community in Kwara to have safe and clean water. (2017)
4. Donation of one hundred (100) mosquito nets to Omilende and ____ community. (2016)
5. Donation of reusable sanitary pads to five hundred (500) girls in Amukoko, Lagos. (2018) General Charity: Activities executed are:
6. Donation of relief materials such as clothes, foot-wears, cash, academic grants and foodstuffs to indigents. (2015, 2016, 2017)
Capacity building:Activities executed are:
7. Delivering motivational talks to over two thousand (2000) students across four tertiary institutions in Kwara and Lagos State. (2015, 2016, 2017)

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